Art. 9245  AISI 410  4,0X60/36 TX15

Art. 9245 AISI 410 4,0X60/36 TX15

TBS-Drill, cyl. head terrace screws, cutting-point

  • C1
  • 9245400640 60/36
  • 4043377317148
  • 200 pcs.
Length (l): 60 mm
Diameter of head (dk): 5.7
Height of head (k): 4.35
Drive size: TX15
Thread length (b): 36
Diameter (d): 4 mm
Drive shape: Inner multi-tooth
Thread type: Wooden thread
Head shape: Cylinder head
Stripping ribs
The stripping ribs ensure low screw-in torques even with high attachment parts. No predrilling Predrilling is not needed in most cases. We do however always recommend testing the application.

Timber is not torn out
The Cut tip ensures accurate attachment on hardwood without tearing out.

Wobble-free driving feature
The TX inner multi-tooth drive allows the screw to be easily and securely screwed in when the screw is attached and countersunk.

Cylinder head no distant wooden fibers.
The wooden fibers are drawn into the material by the cylinder head with the implied countersunk head. An optimal barefooted flooring originates by this special process.
Ideal for all companies involved in wood processing (carpenters, timber construction) and all horticulturists and landscapers for fastening timbers and landing stages. Also the ideal solution for hardwoods such as Bankirai, Massaranduba, and many more.

A minimum screw-in depth of 4 x the diameter must be ensured. A screw-in depth of 8 x the diameter should be achieved depending on the wood.
Timber construction
- Cylinder head
- Stripping ribs
- Cut tip
- TX driving feature
- Martensitic stainless steel hardened (1.4006)
- Special smooth coating

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